Indus Valley BIO Organic


Indus Valley BIO Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil With 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel (Combo Pack)  (2 Items in the set)



Indus Valley Coconut oil is natural oil extracted by natural means and in its purest form. It comprises the coconut and thus in its purest form. It is not only free from any chemicals like ammonia, ppd, etc but also lacks any other added preservatives. Coconut oil finds its various applications in taking care of hair as well as skin. It is the most remarkable oil which can be used by both men and women. In fact it suits all types of scalp conditions and skin types. For hair: Coconut oil is basically a preventer as it prevents the sun from the harmful effect of UV rays. It comes out to be handy in case of avoiding the tangling of hair. Moreover, people utilize it for getting a scalp free from dandruff. Collectively, conditioning of the hairs is a bonus when one when massages the hairs with this oil. For skin: Apart from the hairs, it equally works wonders. This oil is not only helpful for getting a shining and radiant skin but also comes out to be handy when it comes to soothing dry hands. Body moisturization is another purpose which it serves. No need to look out for anything if someone is on a hunt of getting an eye makeup remover.


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