Caleto Natural Aloe Vera Skin


Caleto Natural Aloe Vera Skin And Hair Gel 250 ML (Enriched With Vitamin-E, Multi-Purpose Moisturizer Gel)  (250 ml)



Caleto Aloe Vera Gel Is Used To Keep Your Skin Clear And Hydrated. This May Be Because The Plant Thrives In Dry, Unstable Climates. To Survive The Harsh Conditions, The Plant’s Leaves Store Water. These Water-Dense Leaves, Combined With Special Plant Compounds Called Complex Carbohydrates, Make It An Effective Face Moisturizer And Pain Reliever. Aloe Vera Is A Succulent Plant With Thick, Fleshy, Serrated, Lanceolate Shaped Leaves Of Green-Greyish Colour. Aloe Vera Inner Gel Is Obtained From The Lower Leaves Of The Plant By Slicing The Leaf Open. The Gel Is Clear, Odourless, And Tasteless And Free Of Leaf Skin Or Yellow Parts.


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